Quito, Ecuador

The next morning at 6.30 am I took the shuttle to the airport and boarded for Quito at 10.30. Unfortunately we sat on the runway for almost an hour before finally taking off.

The Ecuadorian women’s football team, who’d just won bronce at the XI. Juegos Suramericanos, was on the same plane and one of the players sat next to me.

When we arrived at Quito airport, national television was already awaiting them. Unfortunately my prebooked taxi wasn’t waiting for me. The hotel probably didn’t read my email or forgot about it. I got a taxi from the airport and arrived at the hotel around 3 pm. It was lovely and clean but wifi was a pain in the xxxx. An hour later I went to the Basílica de Voto Naciónal,

plaza grande, and then for dinner at the historic centre.

On Friday 8th June, I had very good breakfast at my hotel, went to a laundry, and then booked a day trip to Quilotoa for the following day, before joining a free walking tour through Quito.

The guide was fun and very knowledgeable, and amongst the more obvious places, he took us to la república de cacao, a shaman place, a lovely little restaurant for lunch, and even taught us some salsa steps.

Four hours later we got back to the office and a bunch of us set off to go to the middle of the world.

We did some fun experiments at Intiñan Solar Museum, and when we got back, a few of us went out for dinner together.