Travelling in style

On Monday 4th June, I got up and ready at 6 am, had breakfast and took a taxi to Puno train station. Well, at least that was what I thought, but the driver brought me to the bus terminal instead. ? Thank god there was another taxi waiting, which drove me to the correct place in time. After boarding the posh train, we got fleece blankets and could order breakfast.

I read and after a while I asked for a second blanket because it was quite chilly.

Then they ushered us all to the bar and the touristic entertainment began, consisting of music, dance, and a fashion show. I endured the whole thing because we got a pisco sour and nibbles as well. 😉

For lunch we had a three course meal with wine, and later they served us tea and pralines. The only stop was La Raya, the highest point of the Andes high plateau.

The rest of the journey I read a lot, took many pictures, had snooze, and simply enjoyed being on a train again.

I gave the second show a miss, but not the lovely afternoon tea.

We arrived before 6 pm at Cusco train station and I shared a taxi into town with another passenger. After checking into my hotel, I once more had dinner at the vegan restaurant. They were quite busy and asked me, if I’d mind sharing a table with someone. Of course I didn’t and spent a nice evening with a Dutch girl. We chatted for hours without even knowing each others names.

For the next day I’d ordered a taxi to the airport for 5 am but it arrived 10 minutes late. Nevertheless I had enough time to have breakfast before boarding the plane. Originally I’d booked a flight at 8.30 am, but for unknown reasons they’d changed the departure time to 7 o’clock  which had caught some passengers by surprise. At Lima airport I took the airport shuttle to Miraflores and walked to the B&B where I’d stayed before and had left a few things. I got a cup of tea and used their wifi while waiting for my room. Around lunchtime I walked through Miraflores and took a bus to the historic centre.

After lunch I explored this part of Lima, but I didn’t really like it. The library of the basilica and convent of San Francisco and its catacombs with heaps of human bones were pretty impressive though.

It proved quite difficult to get on a bus back as a lot of people were queueing and most of the busses were already cramped when they got to the bus stop. By the time I finally got on, I was shattered and just wanted to be back in Miraflores. I went to the supermarket before heading back to the B&B for a picnic supper, an episode of “The Crown”, and an early night.

At breakfast on Wednesday 6th June, I met a lady from my part of Germany and helped her book a bus ticket for the hop on hop off Peru. After a long conversation with her and later on the phone with Markus, I took a taxi to the Museo Larco at 11 am. Some rooms looked more like storage rooms than part of an exhibition,

but I really liked the place, the restaurant, and the garden.

Another taxi brought me back to my accommodation and I had a little siesta before going out for dinner with the German lady.