On Monday 28th May, after a big breakfast, I walked around Cusco and visited the Inka Museum, and the Museo Histórico Regional.

At mercado San Pedro I had freshly squeezed juice at the fruit stall of a lovely elderly woman, and bought coca leaves and chocolate. Again I wasn’t feeling too well and didn’t know if I’d get a cold or if the altitude was bothering me once more.

After a stop at the hotel I walked to the archeological site Saqsaywaman.

I explored the Inka site and enjoyed the view over the city.

Near San Blas I had late lunch at a little café and then walked back to the hotel as I had a terrible headache.

Later I went to four different bookshops in search of a book my Spanish teacher had recommended. For dinner I had vegetarian sushi at a vegan restaurant and it was either their ginger lemon tea or the ibuprofen I took, that made my headache vanish instantly.

The next day after breakfast I went to the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo and discovered that there’s a potato congress going on because of the “National Potato Day” the following day.

Then I visited the really strange Museo de Arte Popular and stopped for a cup of Machu Picchu tea at a lovely café. After visiting the site Qorikancha, I couldn’t go into their museum, as they had trouble with the electricity.

I had a small lunch at another café while they sorted it out and went there afterwards.

In the evening I walked to the Centro de Arte Nativo, where they first showed a short film before entertaining us tourists with typical folklore. Music, dance, and the costumes were great, the singing acceptable, but the presenter ruined the whole thing. She was pretty nervous, had to look into her notes all the time, spoke too fast in Spanish and her English wasn’t very good. I somehow endured the whole performance and then finally found the book in the shop next door to the centre. After another delicious dinner I watched a film and read a little bit before going to bed.

On Wednesday 30th May, I had breakfast, left my laundry at reception, and rang Markus. Then I took a taxi to explore the three other Inka sites near Cusco. First I went to Qengo,

then to Puka Pukara, a site of military ruins,

and finally to Tambomachay. It consists of a series of aqueducts, canals and waterfalls that run through the terraced rocks.

Around lunchtime I was back at the hotel, organised a few things, and rang my sister. I spent the afternoon at two different cafés overlooking Cusco, before visiting the museum about Machu Picchu at Casa Concha, and finally returning to the vegan restaurant for dinner.