From Ollantaytambo to Aguas Calientes

On Thursday 24th May, I had breakfast before 8 am, dropped my laundry at reception and went into town in search for the post office and wifi. The colourful café I chose had trouble with theirs as well but nevertheless I had a very overpriced cup of tea in an admittedly very beautiful mug there.

Later I went for a walk with the English guy before he left for Cusco.

We finally even found the rather disappointing Inka bridge we’d been looking for. Then we watched a football match opposite our hotel as most men weren’t working that day because of a strike. Around lunchtime I went back to the café opposite the archeological site and luckily they had wifi as they use a different provider. Later, as I still wasn’t feeling great, I bought some ibuprofen and decided to have a quiet afternoon. For dinner I had yummy grilled alpaca with quinoa and vegetables.

The next day at breakfast I met a German couple and we had a long conversation. Then I got my things ready and checked out of the hotel. Around lunchtime I went to the train station with an older Australian, who’d stayed at the same hotel and told me he had 14 grandchildren.

Beforehand I was worried I would get into trouble because I had far more than the allowed 5 kg of luggage, but of course no one even mentioned it. ?

I thoroughly enjoyed the 90 min train journey to Aguas Calientes, where I got picked up at the train station by the hotel’s receptionist.

After settling into my room, I bought postcards, stamps, and very expensive provisions for the next day.

For dinner I had lovely trout with mashed potatoes and vegetables before tucking in for an early night.