Exploring the Sacred Valley

On Tuesday 22nd May, I woke up freezing but to an incredible view.

After a quick shower I checked out and carried all my things back down the steep hill. Then I took a mototaxi into Pisac and had breakfast at a nice café. I used their wifi to call Markus and we had a long chat. Around 11 am I walked around the quite alternative/ hippie town and took a collectivo to Urubamba and from there another one to Ollantaytambo.

I checked into my lovely hotel and had a wonder around town.

Then I visited the archeological site,

and enjoyed the beautiful view.

After a little snack at a café opposite the ruins I went back to the hotel to organise a few things. That night for dinner I had the probably best chicken ever in my whole life.

The next day I enjoyed the hotel’s amazing breakfast before taking a collectivo to Urubamba. From there I took another one to Maras,

and the driver asked, if I wanted to go to Moray.

As I said yes and mentioned  that I also wanted to go to Salineras, he said he could drive me and we agreed on a price. First we went to Moray, the Incan agricultural laboratory that was probably used to cultivate resistant varieties of plants high in the Andes.

Then we drove to Salineras, the salt pans of Maras, which have been used for the past five centuries to mine salt in the Sacred Valley.

Back in Urubamba I took a collectivo back to Ollantaytambo. As I wasn’t feeling very well, I had a little siesta. I thought I would get a cold, but maybe the altitude was the reason for my terrible headache. Later I met an English guy in the hotel lobby and we started chatting about our travels and ended up having dinner together.