Miraflores, Lima

On Sunday 20th May, I got up and ready, packed my bag, and was downstairs for breakfast at 7 am. During the ten minutes I was out on the terrace, mosquitos attacked me so I wouldn’t forget Panama too quickly. At 7:30 the taxi driver picked me up and asked if I would mind taking a girl with us. I said it would be fine but wasn’t sure if she was his girlfriend or if they’d just met. She made a very emotional phonecall, accusing the guy on the other end of being a thief and that she would go to the police if he wouldn’t give her laptop, phone, and passport back. I’m not sure if she was shouting at her brother or her ex lover. We stopped at a petrol station because she needed the loo, but eventually got to the airport with plenty of time for me to check in for my flight to Bogota. We got a snack on the plane and I started watching “Frozen”.

Around lunchtime I had an hour to get my connexion to Lima but we left 45 minutes late because they had trouble with luggage coming from Madrid. In the air again I finished the film and another one I’d once started watching at a café in Antigua before their dvd player died on us. I almost managed watching the whole of “The Greatest Showman” as well, before landing in Lima. Immigration was speedy and my bag arrived just after I got out and took a taxi to Miraflores. Edy, the driver, told me a lot about his country, their typical food,… I checked into a nice B&B and bought food for a picnic supper on their patio. When I went to bed it was pretty cold, but with two blankets I got warm quickly.

The next morning I had a nice chat with a French couple over breakfast, and checked with the owner of the B&B that I could spend my last two nights in Peru there as well. I could even leave a little bag with a few things I wouldn’t need travelling the country. I checked out of my room and walked through Miraflores and along the coast,

past a lighthouse,

and through the park of love.

Past Kennedy Park and the main street I got back to the B&B and booked my accommodation for Cuzco. Edy, the taxidriver picked me up early and brought me back to the airport. I couldn’t find my airline and had to ask three people, before someone could help me. As I was so early and it was a small (and cheap) airline, they just contemporarily opened three counters for their only flight that day. So far I could always check in with my passport and the confirmation email, but for viva I had to print my boarding pass. Unfortunately I didn’t know that and they charged me almost 14 € for the piece of paper. I rang Markus and ate at a café, when I suddenly realised I only had ten minutes left before boarding. Of course security took ages and I got a little nervous, but once I was through they still hadn’t announced the gate. The flight was 30 min delayed and I regretted not having a window seat when we flew past snow topped mountain peaks. At the airport I took a taxi into town and then a colectivo to Pisac. It was already dark when I got there, and I took a tuktuk out of town to the yoga centre. There I had to climb a steep path, which was quite a challenge with my heavy bag in this altitude. I think it was the third time in nine months that I had to use the straps of my hybrid. A Columbian guy helped me and the other guests were nice as well. I had soup before retiring to my room right behind the kitchen and using their wifi for booking accommodation and watching Harry & Meghan’s wedding sermon. That night I woke up every other hour.