Belize Zoo

The next day I went to breakfast at 7 am, which consisted of pancakes and syrup plus two sausages. They were delicious but I thought it was a strange combination. Later I got dropped off at the zoo and I had a wonder around in daylight. There were a few school groups around as well but I still saw most of the animals despite the noise. 😉 I really liked the spider monkeys,

the tapir,

cats chasing and eating lunch,

or enjoying a little siesta,

and the different and quite funny birds. This was my favourite:

When I was ready for lunch, all the school kids and families were as well and I had to queue for quite a while. Back at the Tropical Education Centre I uploaded pictures, blogged, and went to the pool. After a quick dip I wanted to read my book but Gilbert, a worker who had to clean the pool, started chatting to me. He told me a lot about his family and his life and was very proud of owning some land and a little house at the age of only 22. Dinner was very quiet that night as all the groups had left that day and only a few guests were left.

On Friday, 18th May, it was cheese omelet and beans for breakfast and then I used the wifi for a little bit. After a short walk along the forest trail, where some bloody mosquitoes attacked me, I got my stuff ready and waited in my room for the downpour to stop. At 11 am the receptionist drove me to the airport. She’s from Honduras, has twin girls and a third younger daughter with an American and talked nonstop, first in Spanish, then in English. At the airport I gave her my copy of “El Alquimista”, which I’d finished that morning. When I checked in for my flight to Panama City, I got asked about all my other upcoming flights and if I had the yellow fever vaccination. I don’t and the lady made me quite nervous when she said it was required for Peru, but I checked and as long as I’m not going to the Amazon, which I’m not planning to do anyway, I should be fine and Ecuador should let me in as well.

When I arrived in rainy Panama, my luggage was already waiting for me. I got some money and took a taxi to the hostel in the old part of the city. My room felt like a freezer but unfortunately it was a centrally controlled aircon and there was nothing I could do about it. I had lovely dinner at a café next door and then wrapped up warm for the night.

As it was a Friday, there was a party going on at the bar downstairs and I could hear the music through my earplugs.