Goodbye Antigua

The next day we had breakfast at my café and by chance met two of my friends there. Later we had a walk around the grounds of Hotel Santo Domingo and wanted to take the shuttle to Santo Domingo del Cerro, but the restaurant up there was closed and therefore there was no shuttle that day.

We had lunch at Quesos y Vino and I bought some presents at Casa del Jade. Of course I took Markus to Helados Exoticos and he was very brave and had the flavour “doble sorpresa”. Back at the hostel we had a siesta and I gave him a few of my things to take back home. For our farewell dinner we went to a nice restaurant with delicious food but slightly strange live music.

On Thursday 3rd May, we had breakfast at a tiny place opposite the hostel and then had to say our goodbyes.

Markus travelled back to Switzerland via Cancún, while I did some research for my onward travels, rang my sister, and put some pictures on social media. Around 1 pm I went to my café for lunch, met a former housemate there and then my Polish friend. After a stop at the supermarket I did some blogging at another café and had dinner there as well. Back at the hostel I blogged some more and had a chat with Markus, who was still at Cancún airport, waiting for his flight to Zurich.

The next day I had tea and a chat with my friend at reception and went to the laundry.

The lady recognised me but didn’t remember my name. I had pancakes for breakfast at my café, did some blogging, bumped into a friend and rang my parents. By lunchtime I decided to stay a bit longer to blog some more and ordered an omelette. At 3 pm I had an appointment with my masseuse and got a coffee massage. It was a very special experience and I couldn’t believe how incredibly soft my skin was after the treatment. When I got back to the hostel three hours later, I smelled like a dessert and was very tired. Nevertheless I did some more planning. When I got hungry, I couldn’t face going out for dinner but had a tostada and avocado snack instead.

On Saturday 5th May, I had breakfast at a quirky café and ended up spending four hours there planning my trip to Perú.

Then I got my laundry and went to a rooftop café for lunch and more planning. Back at the hostel I had a chat with my friend and packed my back. Around 3 pm I met three friends for a farewell drink at a juice bar and then went to my café with one of them, to say goodbye to Misha the cat, and the owner.

After another trip to the supermarket I had soup for dinner at yet another café. That night I managed to book some flights and to get organised for my journey the next day.