Mérida and seeing my favourite Swiss again

The next day I had another nice breakfast, checked out and went to the ADO station to take the 8.40 am bus to Mérida. During the journey I suddenly got a painful cough and decided to start taking medication immediately. By the time I arrived I felt pretty ill but luckily could check into my airbnb straight away. After a little rest I went out to find a café for lunch.

The heat was unbearable and the food at the place a guy had recommended was terrible. As I was feeling rotten, I ate it anyway and decided to spend the rest of the day in bed.

On my way back to my accommodation I stopped at a little supermarket and bought some biscuits, soup, and juice. I had a rest, lots water and in the evening almost 1 l of soup.

Eventually I took a paracetamol because I got a temperature, and had an early night.

On Thursday 19th April, I felt a bit better and had juice and biscuits for breakfast. Immediately after I’d had my shower, I was wet with sweat again. I don’t know if it was because of the heat, me still having a temperature or my circulation. I checked out of the airbnb and took a taxi to a lovely organic café, where I spent hours blogging because I didn’t feel like exploring.

At some point I changed the location, but at the other café I felt like sitting in a freezer.

It took me a while to get a taxi to the bus station but eventually I got there in time for my bus back to Cancún. I don’t remember how often I changed sweaty tops that day, every time I entered a bloody cold air-conditioned place. Back at the same airbnb I bought provisions for the next day and had soup at the same restaurant nearby. As I was still feeling unwell, I decided to wait for my Swiss travel companion at the airbnb rather than meeting him at the airport as planned. Those who’ve read my blog about my travels in Hawaii and some national parks along the west coast of the United States know that back then we’ve already been travelling together. We met in New Zealand, where we discovered that we were both off to Hawaii next. He asked me if I’d like to join him for two weeks there, which I did and in the end we travelled together for sevens weeks and he even came with me to Mexico and Guatemala. Back then we got together which I’ve never mentioned here as I didn’t know if our relationship would last. Now that we decided to give it a go and that he came back after three months to see me and to travel with me for another two weeks, I thought it was about time to fill you all in. 😉

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  1. Ach Katrin, das ist doch keine Ueberraschung! Es war nicht schwer, in deinen alten Blogs zwischen den Zeilen zu lesen. 😉 Freut mich fuer dich / euch!

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