Easter break at Lake Atitlán

On Maundy Thursday, I woke up at 6:30 am and realised it was raining. I had breakfast which consisted of Earl Grey tea, walnut-cranberry-bread and peanut butter I’d brought with me. Then I blogged for a a few hours before I got ready to check out around 11 am. It had stopped raining and I went straight to my favourite café in Panajachel. Unfortunately the town wasn’t as quiet as it was when we went there in January, and music was blasting out of a shop right opposite the café. I had an orange juice and a biscuit and headed straight to the dock. There were masses of people, a lot of traffic and stalls all along the road to the lake, where it was even more busy. Finally I found a boat to Santiago de Atitlán but of course had to pay 5 Quetzales more than in January because it was semana santa. Then I took a tuktuk to the next village, where I met my American host and we walked across a field to the airbnb in paradise.

It is right by the lake in the jungle and consists of different buildings made of stones they found on site.

I had a hut with a living room and bedroom area, devided by an indoor rainwater shower.

Two other German guests stayed in the Rapunzel tower, my host, his Mayan wife and daughter in another house, his mother in her own hut, and right next to my room was the kitchen with a dining and living room area. I was welcomed with freshly made lemonade by the two ladies of the house and then got a tour which included a lesson on how to use the privy.

Then I explored the grounds with it’s own jetty and had a very lazy afternoon in my room.

At 6 pm I had dinner with my hosts and the other two guests. I especially liked the delicious dessert (warm mangos with cinnamon cake and cream) and the fact, that the family speaks English, Spanish and a Mayan dialect. We had a wonderful time and talked for three hours. Then I had to be a big girl and cope with the harmless flat wall spiders, that come out at night and I saw at least four of them in my hut.

They even provide a chamber pot so you don’t need to walk to the toilet at night.