Odyssey to Lake Atitlán

For the next day my teacher had prepared a test but unfortunately about other things than I’d understood the previous Friday and therefore I was only partly successful. I had my lunch in the school garden and started doing my homework. The school cat was quite persistent but I wasn’t in the mood for sharing my food. 😉

Then I paid the school and ran around town trying to get money with my credit card but without any success. I finished my homework and wrote a blog post at my café. After dinner I texted a friend and asked the internet about my ongoing stomach issues.

On Tuesday 27th March was my dad’s 77th birthday. Unfortunately the wifi at the hotel where he was staying with my mum and my sister was pretty patchy and I just about managed to wish him well. At least I managed to ring my bank in Germany about my problems with my credit card but they said everything was fine their end. After school I did my homework and got ready for my massage appointment. According to my masseuse my stomach was better and my lymph nodes had calmed down as well but now my knees weren’t too happy. On my way home I could finally use my credit card again. I packed my stuff for the following day and went to bed.

The next day we finished the lesson a little bit early so I had enough time to get home, eat lunch, and get ready for my shuttle to Lake Atitlán at 12. 30 pm. They picked me up 15 minutes late and I wondered why we took a different route out of town but thought it might be because of semana santa, traffic or an accident. I had a little snooze and by the time I realised there was something wrong, we’d almost arrived at the airport. ?I stupidly asked what we were doing there and the guy said that this was the shuttle to the airport. The whole time I didn’t hear the word airport once plus I’d given him my ticket which clearly stated Antigua to Panajachel. First he tried to blame it on me and then on the travel agency which clearly had me put on the wrong list. I was tired, frustrated and angry at the same time and he promised to talk to the agency. Unfortunately we had to wait for people who arrived on a delayed plane and I was sitting on the bus which drove around in circles, while he was outside. I rang a friend and she said I might not make it back in time for the next shuttle at 4 pm, which might be fully booked anyway, and advised me to ring the agency and ask for an uber or taxi. That’s what I finally did and of course they tried to blame the guy and me for the mess-up. By that time I was so angry I made it quite clear that if I got picked up at my house at around the time for my shuttle I assumed it’d bring me to my destination and not somewhere else. Especially if no one was mentioning any destination at all and I’d handed in my ticket. I was so angry I talked really fast and made a lot of mistakes. Furthermore I told them they had two options: They could put me on a shuttle at 4 pm or organise private transport for me because I’d already booked accommodation for three nights at the lake and I would make them pay for my expenses if I wouldn’t get there in time. That argument convinced them and while we were finally on our way back to Antigua, they rang the guy to let me know that a car was waiting for me at a petrol station. We got stuck in traffic and after driving past the second one, I decided to ask again. They finally dropped me off at the third petrol station which was basically back in Antigua. By that time I’d already spent more than three hours on a shuttle and there was waiting the next one. This time I checked twice if I was on the right one and we finally left for Panajachel around 4:30 pm. I’d forgotten how bad and windy the roads are and was basically feeling sick the whole drive. It didn’t help that the driver drove like a maniac and took a lot of shortcuts. On the bright side we got there just after 7 pm. Eventually I got picked up by someone from my airbnb and I spent a quiet evening at a lovely new flat I had all to myself. It didn’t really matter that there was one window missing in the living room.

Thank god I’d booked one right in Panajachel and not at my final destination because due to the massive hick up and delay I’d  probably missed the last boat anyway.