Alfombras y chocolate

The next day was a Sunday and I left the house around 7:30 am and walked to Santa Ana to see their fantastic carpets. I like the fact that everybody is working together, including the smallest child and the coolest teenanger.

Most of the alfombras are stunningly beautiful, but some are real pieces of art.

I was so early that they were still busy finishing them.

This one made me smile and reminded me of the saying “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade!”

I took loads of pictures but left before the actual procession.

Then I had tea and delicious rosemary-lime-zucchini-bread at a café before heading back home and ringing a friend in Germany. We talked for almost an hour, then I had a shower and afterwards rang my sister while waiting for my lunch delivery. The rice vegetable dish with lots of garlic was so nice that I ate the whole big portion at once. I spent the afternoon blogging at two different cafés and had dinner at “La Casa de las Sopas”.

On Monday 12th March, I had Spanish lessons in the morning and straight after lunch I met two friends at my café for a private chocolate workshop. Fernando explained the whole process and showed us the machines.

They only use the best quality cocoa beans and sugar to produce their amazing dark chocolate. Then we went to the kitchen, where we ate an entire small bowl of freshly made ganache. ? Afterwards we tempered the liquid chocolate

and made two different types of chocolate, one with whole cocoa beans inside and one with candied oranges, walnuts, almonds, and cranberries.

While we waited for the chocolate to dry, we had a chat and a drink, I did my homework and quickly popped to the school office to pay for the week. The next day I gave some of my chocolates to my Spanish teacher and to my friend with the hostel.