Lots of yummy dinners and desserts, a cat and a unicorn

The next day the son of the owner of the language school came up to me during my lesson and said I still  hadn’t paid for the last week. I knew that wasn’t right and that he wasn’t on top of things. Luckily I still had all the receipts and could prove I didn’t owe anything when I went to the office in the afternoon. As my Spanish exercise book was full, I wanted to buy a new one. The shop owner was very apologetic that they only had these left.

I loved it and said I’m sure the unicorn will help me learn Spanish grammar. 😉 Then I went to my café, did my homework and had a lovely mango ice cream chocolate sandwich and an ice tea.

That day I cancelled my Marimba lesson because I wasn’t feeling well and had lots of work to do.

On Tuesday 6th March, I had a cold but thought it might as well be an allergy and as the medication worked, I think I was right. In the afternoon I went to the school’s excursion to a macadamia farm.

The problem with these trips is, that everybody is speaking English or even German, and I was shocked by some people’s behaviour. The best part was the ride on a chicken bus, the pancakes with macadamia and white chocolate, which I shared with some girls, weren’t great. On the way back the chicken bus was already full and it was quite fascinating that all twenty of us somehow still managed to get on. When I got home there was no water but it was back on when I got back from dinner with some friends.

The next day my cold/ allergy was better and my housemate found out he got rid of all his parasites. Hooray! At my marimba lesson I had to play with two others who played the accompaniment plus a little boy who played part of my part as well. It turned out it’s quite difficult to play together rhythm wise if you didn’t grow up listening to this music all the time and if there’s no printed music to count long notes or rests. In the evening we went out for my housemate’s farewell dinner. We had great fun and for me it was probably a once in a lifetime experience to be on a night out with three gay guys. For dessert we went to the great ice cream shop again and this time I tried a combination of white chocolate, macadamia nuts and ginger. ?

On Thursday 8th March, I went to the laboratory before school and got my results right after my lessons. I was parasite free again and one happy bunny. ? I did my homework at my cafe again, met friends there and then we had dinner at another place. On the way back we stopped for ice cream again. This time I had blackberry and ginger called cucurucho, that’s what the men clad in purple at the processions are called.

The next day it was school, laundry, and blogging again and I bought a yummy piece of cheese cake at a café. Then I met up with friends of a friend who offer vegan food and smoothies. I told them about my recent health issues and that I felt I had to do something about my diet. From now one they would deliver a meal and two smoothies for me every day around lunchtime.

On Saturday 10th March, I had breakfast at my café and did some Spanish there. When it got too cold in the shade and I wanted to change chairs, I found the owner’s cat had already claimed the best spot. 😉

Then I received my first ordered lunch which consisted of vegetable pasta, a peanut butter banana smoothy and another one that had some spirulina and chlorella added. Everything was really delicious and I was happy that I’d finally got round organising it. I rang my parents, admired the new carpet at the church,

and then discovered another lovely garden café

before I went for another fab massage later in the afternoon. My housemate and his brother had come back from their short trip to Flores and Tikal and we all met up for dinner together with his Spanish teacher.