Everyone, meet Pedro ;-)

On Monday 26th February, I had Spanish lessons in the morning and after lunch I went to the laboratory to get my results. That’s what I saw on my way and I simply had to take a picture.

I couldn’t believe it when the receptionist told me I had a parasite and needed to see the doctor later in the afternoon! ? Of course I felt worse immediately, thinking of something living inside me and my lovely sister decided to name my parasite Pedro… Very funny, haha! But admittedly it made a lot of people laugh. ? I did my homework at a café and then went to my marimba lesson. I left there early to be at the clinic at 4 pm but still had to wait for 45 minutes before I could see the doctor. Why do they have these in a doctor’s waiting room? ?

The receptionist inquired about my height and weight just to then measure and weigh me herself… ?Once I talked to the doctor, he only said that he wouldn’t recommend taking anything as it wasn’t clear that my few symptoms were in any way connected with me having a parasite. I understand that antibiotics often do more harm than help but he also said that scientists were looking into probiotics at the moment and it looks as if they weren’t doing anything. I shouldn’t eat beans for three days and no lactose for five days, and if I would get diarrhoea again I could come back to the laboratory, do another test and see him again without paying anything. Unfortunately I couldn’t tell my host mum before dinner, which of course consisted of beans, cream cheese and tortillas.

The next day I didn’t feel well all day, and when I told my teacher about Pedro, she recommended an antiparasitic. I wanted to check with my GP in Germany first and decided to also consult a friend, who’s a doctor as well. As I couldn’t face another dinner at my host family, I went to a vegan restaurant.

On Wednesday 28th February, my housemate decided to also consult the laboratory, as he had been having stomach problems for a long time now. His result showed he had a whole zoo of different parasites, amongst them the same I had, plus almost no bacteria. Unlike me he had eaten lots of street food and after some investigation we were quite sure we got our mutual one with the strawberries at breakfast. He went to the pharmacy straight away instead of consulting a doctor, and they sold him antibiotics plus an antiparasitic. I was still waiting for answers from my medical specialists and went to my Marimba lesson instead. As my teacher didn’t show up for almost half an hour and more and more dressed up people came and told me they had a marimba concert at 4 pm, I decided to leave. Of course I bumped into him on my way out and he apologised for not telling me that there were no lessons today. He even suggested I could participate and play “Rey Quiché”. No, thank you very much, I just learned the last part two days ago and I’m not even sure I memorised it correctly. Apart from that, my Spanish teacher had announced that I would get a test the next day so I decided to go to a café and revise. As I had enough of my room and the food at the house, I had dinner at the same restaurant as the night before. Unfortunately my host mum didn’t get the whole parasite situation at all, but at least understood that I wouldn’t eat frijoles anymore. On my way home I walked past an open air concert, probably the opening of the Antigua Jazz Festival. I liked the music and the ligths, but not the singer’s voice.

The next day I managed to translate 87 of 104 sentences correctly from English into Spanish. Not that easy, especially if the English version isn’t correct in the first place. In the evening I had another great massage and when I mentioned Pedro, I got told I had to kill him before he was growing any more. That made me buy the recommended antiparasitic on my way home and I started the three days treatment straight away. The poisonously yellow pills immediately turn urine neon yellow and it might even glow in the dark. ? The next day my teacher wasn’t impressed that I only started taking the stuff after my masseuse told me to, but her advice had gone unheard. In the afternoon I got diarrhoea again but my sister thought it was a sign that the medication did it’s job.