Fairy lights, an enchanted garden, and the guatemalan version of Hobbiton

On Monday 19th February, I had Spanish lessons in the morning and went to my marimba class and to the gym in the afternoon. The next day I  woke up having a little earache. Great combination with the tummy problems I’d been having for a few days now. I couldn’t believe I had been travelling for six months now. Maybe my body had decided to collapse in a heap, now that I’d already stayed in the same place for almost six weeks…? I went about my daily routine and had another fabulous massage in the afternoon. My masseuse gave me some wormwood tea for my stomach. Given the disgustingly bitter taste it must work wonders.

On Wednesday 21st February, I still had earache but went to my café in the afternoon to work on my vocabulary and meet my friend. After dinner I went for a walk with my housemate, who’d returned from a long weekend in Río Dulce and Livingston the night before.

That was when we discovered the beautiful garden of a hostel near our house. We particularly loved their special hammock.

The next day I visited my friend at her hostel because I had to deal with more paperwork for German burocracy. When I told her about my tummy problems, she said I might have a parasite. ? That really wasn’t what I wanted to hear but she recommended a laboratory and I thought it probably wouldn’t do any harm to have a check done. On Friday 23rd February, my Spanish teacher couldn’t make it so I used the free morning to go to the laundry and the laboratory.

That day I was really productive and wrote nine posts here. The next morning I had Spanish lessons and in the afternoon I went for a walk with my housemate. We checked out the new sawdust carpet at la Merced and ended up at my friend’s hostel.  After a chat with her and one of her two co-owners I accompanied her to a café to meet up with two of her former work mates from Belize.

That Sunday I rang my sister and then had breakfast at a café with the quirky name

I’d never been there before and coincidentally bumped into the girls I’d just met the day before.

My sister said she’d like the turquoise door for Christmas but I’m not quite sure how to get it to Germany in one piece. I loved the café’s wifi password as much as my Swiss breakfast.

Around lunchtime my housemate and I took a shuttle to Hobbitenango. We got a bit lost because we didn’t know we had to take a 4×4 for the last leg of the journey but eventually got there.

It was quite nice with a lovely view but nothing compared to Hobbiton in New Zealand. At least you could stay in Hobbitenango as I’d always said I’d like to live in Hobbiton which unfortunately isn’t possible.

After a walk around and a cup of tea we took a shuttle back to Antigua. The ride with the 4×4 was probably the highlight of the excursion. In the evening a procession was passing our house and because of all the people in the streets I decided to have dinner at the café right across the road.