A lovely weekend in Antigua and Chichicastenango

On Saturday 10th February, I had an hour and a half Spanish lesson and then visited my friend at her hostel. The view from their rooftop terrace is spectacular.

We talked forever and I had to take a tuktuk home in order to be there on time for lunch. In the afternoon I met my Polish friend at “my” café and then we visited the Museo Colonial.

Then I had excellent crème brûlée ice cream and went to see my friend with the hostel again, but this time at her new home.

The next morning I got up at 6:30 am to get the shuttle to Chichicastenango at 7. My housemate and I met a Swiss girl from the language school on the shuttle. Once we’d finally arrived around 10:30 am, we set off exploring the town’s church

and market with her.

At some point we lost her and went to the colourful cemetery without her.

We went to the beautiful Hotel Santo Thomas for a buffet lunch and met more people from the school.

Unfortunately there was one person too many for the shuttle back to Antigua at 2 pm and it took them half an hour to sort out the problem. We were finally back around 6 pm, when I tried to do my homework. About an hour later I had avocado soup for dinner at a nice restaurant.