La Azotea and Earth Lodge

On Thursday 8th February, my Polish friend and I went to “La Azotea Centro Cultural y Museo”. We got lost on the way there but finally arrived just in time for a tour.

A young girl guided us through their museum of musical instruments and showed us some interesting examples.

Then she explained the traditions and beliefs of the local Mayas.

Afterwards the two of us had a private tour of their coffee museum and finca.

Last stop was the plant nursery with some stunningly beautiful flowers.

At the end we got a free cup of coffee at their shop and bought some biscuits to go with it.

The next day after lunch we took a shuttle into the mountains to visit Earth Lodge, an eco-friendly lodge and avocado farm with restaurant and tree houses. We had to hike a little from the drop-off point to the farm and enjoyed the gorgeous views on the way.

We walked around the premises, had cake and lemonade, and spent some time chilling in their hammocks.

It was so relaxing that we almost missed the shuttle back because they don’t have a timetable. The driver on the way up said we could just give him a shout when we wanted to get back. But in the end we arrived in Antigua early enough for supper and with enough time for me to get my homework done for the next day.