Cardboard houses and cheap Tucholsky

On Friday 26th January, we finished my Spanish lesson by listening to the sad song “Casas de cartón” and I had to put the words in the right order. Apparently I was my teacher’s first pupil who got it right the first time. 🙂 After lunch and a short siesta, I brought my clothes to the laundry and bought four postcards and two German second hand books. I spent the rest of the afternoon blogging at the same café where I’d already been two days ago. Before dinner I picked up my laundry and took this picture.

The next morning I rang my sister and then met up with my new Polish friend. Together with her German housemate we took a shuttle to a restaurant in San Cristóbal El Alto.

We walked through the garden and enjoyed the amazing view while having delicious lunch.

Back in Antigua I joined the gym and did some cardio. Later in the afternoon I started reading Kurt Tucholsky’s “Schloss Gripsholm”, which I’d bought the day before for around 1 €. After dinner I watched the procession which passed right in front of our house and talked to one of my housemates.