Stewart Island

On Thursday 23rd November, I had porridge, yoghurt, and tea for breakfast but was simultaneously cutting capsicum (pepper) and carrot for a picnic lunch. An Argentinian girl watched me and sighed in relief when I finally put the vegetables in the fridge. She thought I was crazy and would have the vegetables with my porridge! 😉 I thought that was very funny and said that I was indeed bonkers but not that much! 😉

Then I started chatting to a German girl from my room and almost missed to check out at 10 am.

As I could leave my stuff at the hostel and could still use the common areas I thought I could catch up with my diary writing and blogging, but chatted a bit more instead. 😉

Eventually I left for a beautiful coast walk along four bays.

Back at the hostel I had my picnic lunch and my Danish friend picked me up to accompany me to the ferry back.

She stayed on the island for another two nights but we would meet again back in Queenstown.

I arrived there after 8 pm and wasn’t happy when I found out that the guy at the hostel reception had booked me into a 8 bed mixed dorm instead of an all female smaller room. I asked for an upgrade into a 4 bed dorm but they were full booked for the next three nights. Me being quietly annoyed helped so that I at least got an upgrade for the last two nights an even for free because they’d messed it up.

Amongst other people I shared the room with four young (maybe?) Scandinavians. I couldn’t identify the language, so it was definitely not Danish or Dutch. One of them shaved his beard sitting down on the floor with the bin between his legs. Interesting but fair enough but later he got a hair straightener out to tame his long blonde hair and I could just stare in amazement. 😉

That evening I met the two German girls and my fellow skydive Dutchie for final farewells and was in bed by midnight.