Cape Foulwind & Pancake Rocks

The next day I struggled sitting on the bus driving along windy roads.

At Cape Foulwind we went for a beautiful walk along the coast and it didn’t really matter that it was cloudy.

The scenery was gorgeous and we even saw seals.

In the afternoon we checked into the beautiful YHA in Westport and went grocery shopping.

The two remaining Dutchies and I cooked together and ended up having a terribly bad bottle of red wine with equally bad wholemeal pasta and incredibly dry pesto. We had great fun when two of the Belgians came back from their beer tasting and later that evening the whole gang watched “Jumanji”.

After a rather sleepless night I got up much earlier than necessary and decided to use the time to catch up on my diary writing. It was quite difficult to focus as a guy from the south of Germany was on the phone to his girlfriend talking in broad Swabian. I just couldn’t help not to listen in…  😉 At 9 am we left for the Pancake Rocks and again I had to fight motion sickness.

We walked along the extremely dangerous coastal path and admired the very impressive rock formations, which for me unfortunately don’t resemble pancakes at all.

Afterwards we went to the nearby cafe and had proper ones with maple syrup and cream. Yummy! ? On our way to Franz Josef we stopped in unexciting Greymouth, where we picked up three Chinese ladies. Later in the afternoon we arrived at the Rainforest Retreat, which has its own Monsoon Bar. It is a very nice place but for my taste everything is just a little bit too much focused on partying. After writing some postcards, I had soup for dinner and then got ready for the famous bar. The cocktails were much too sweet for my taste but G&T and tequila were quite drinkable and we had a lot of fun dancing.