Bye bye Australia :-( Hello New Zealand :-)

After a bad night sleeping wise we got up at 6 am and Emma gave me a lift to the airport. Just before we left it was my turn to frantically search for my tooth brush but luckily she found it. Check in and flight were uneventful but the girl next to me had a terrible cold and a snorer sat nearby. I had a window seat and took some nice pictures of the Great Barrier Reef.

It felt weird having to say goodbye to Australia after travelling this amazing continent for nine weeks. I can’t believe how many lovely and interesting people I’ve met, to how many different places I’ve been: Outback, gorges, ocean, reefs, national parks, deserts, islands, cities, rainforests, how many animals I’ve seen for the first time in their natural habitat: wallabies, emus, koalas, kangaroos, turtles, sharks,… and what activities I’ve tried for the first time: swagging in the outback, swimming through gorges, snorkeling at reefs, a helicopter ride,… And I’m truly grateful for all these experiences!

At the same time I absolutely loved my first impression of New Zealand and can’t wait to explore this beautiful country.

When I landed in Auckland just after 4 pm it was raining and rather cool. I had to queue for ages to get a bus ticket into the centre but finally arrived at the hotel around two hours later because traffic was horrendous. It was amazing to have a room with a proper bed again after living in a campervan for more than two weeks. I got a free sim card and rang my parents before I had a wander around the city.

At that time I was absolutely starving and of all places ended up in a French restaurant. I had a galette and cidre, wrote in my diary and enjoyed the atmosphere. Thanks to the charming French waiter I was left with no choice but to have desert as well. ? After 10 pm I went back to the hotel and Emma, who’d been on a later plane from Cairns, arrived shortly after me.