On Sunday 22nd October, I woke up with earache because of the wind on the speedboat the day before. It was dry and sunny but our clothes were still damp. We packed all our stuff and wanted to check out but a huge number of backpackers was queueing at reception. A little bit naughty but very subtly and elegantly I skipped the enormous queue and we left for Townsville.  Towntown? Villeville? I mean, really? The Australians aren’t very creative at naming places at best of times but this is especially unimaginative! 😉 We drove past the big mango

and stopped at the camera house where a spotty teenager wasn’t quite sure how to deal with my request. I explained that I bought a fancy expensive charger at their branch in Darwin and that it stopped working within a few weeks. After consulting a colleague and ruling out that my batteries are faulty, they gave me a new one. Hooray!

Then we walked along the strand of Townsville with lovely views of Magnetic Island and even did a little workout at the exercise park. 

Before heading to Bluewater Caravan Park we drove to Castle Hill Lookout, making sure not to hit any of the many very sporty people walking up there.

This little fellow is one of the permanent residents of the caravan park! 😉

Foto credentials Mango and Frog: Emma Collingham