On Saturday 21st October, we went on a tour through the Whitsundays. Our speedboat departed from Abell Point Marina in Airlie Beach at 8.30 am.

The weather was kind to us and our first stop was a posh resort on one of the 74 islands where we picked up six more tourists.

After another 40 minutes of cruising the Coral Sea we anchored at Chalky Beach on Haslewood Island for our first snorkel stop.

Unfortunately it was high tide and the reef around 4 m below instead of just 1 or 2 m at low tide and therefore we only saw a few black and white stripy fish. At least I didn’t have any problems with my mask and I was more relaxed snorkeling at a beach rather than in the middle of the ocean like the first time. But because my first snorkel experience at Ningaloo Reef was absolutely fabulous and we saw so many different animals and corals, I was quite disappointed now. People have warned me that the Great Barrier Reef has been declared dead and that it wouldn’t be as great as in Western Australia, but I never thought the tide would come in my way too. Then we changed venue and had picnic lunch at the famous and stunningly beautiful Whitehaven Beach.

After a little sun bathing and a walk to a lookout we took to cruising the ocean again.

Unfortunately we didn’t get another opportunity to snorkel as it stated on the itinerary but the guide said visibility wouldn’t be better and that was that. We stopped at the resort where we dropped off the six people and had fresh fruit and a cocktail.

After holding off all day it started raining on the way back to Airlie Beach. A woman very kindly gave us a lift back to our campsite but we were absolutely soaked anyway.

So again we donned our raincoats and went for a shower. Then we had dinner and played pool with her and her 9 year old son at a beach bar & grill. Our tour guide had given us vouchers for a meal deal and sang and played guitar that night. I rang my parents and by the time we went back to our campervan it had almost stopped raining.