Fraser Island

On Wednesday 18th October, we woke up to a drizzle and got ready for our day trip to Fraser Island. Around 7.30 am the bus picked us up right in front of the caravan park and brought us to the ferry. On the boat to Fraser Island I met the Austrian girl from the Uluru tour. The backpacker world is a small one… 😉 She was on another bus but we saw her several times during the day. On the island we got on a 4WD bus

and even before our first stop our driver had to reverse for quite some time because a tree was blocking the road. He did an impressive job – respect! After a short coffee break we drove along 75 Mile Beach,

went to the Maheno Shipwreck,

the Pinnacles with their coloured sands,

and had a paddle and walk at Eli Creek before we stopped for a buffet lunch.

In the afternoon we went to Central Station, a former logging station, and saw ancient king ferns and towering gum and pine trees at the Wanggoolba Creek Boardwalk.

Last stop was Lake McKenzie with its crystal blue waters and sandy white beaches.

All day we were really lucky with the weather. Well…, it didn’t rain but it was still grey, as you can see in the pictures. Back at the campsite I had a chat with a German from Hamburg, whose cute little daughter gave me one of her precious shells! Aaaw! Happy and absolutely shattered I went to bed in our orange spaceship.