The Top End: Litchfield and Kakadu National Park

The next morning at 6.40 am I was the last one to be picked up by another tour company four a 3 days/ 2 nights trip to the two national parks “nearby”. We were 15 people, and for a change only 3 were younger than me.

First stop were the Magnetic Termite Mounds of Litchfield Park. Later that morning we had a walk to and a swim at the Florence Falls. 

The last stop in Litchfield was at Wangi Falls, were we swam and had lunch.

After lunch we made our way into Kakadu National Park, the biggest terrestrial national park Australia’s, which is half the size of Switzerland or two thirds of Belgium. (Only the Great Barrier Reef National Park is bigger.) Today only 3 of the original 12 indigenous language groups of the area are still spoken and the traditions and the ancient knowledge of the oldest culture in the world (50.000-65.000 years old!) are slowly dying.

After a stop at the liquor store we arrived at Cooinda Lodge in the evening. The group consisted of two nice older Australian ladies, two very funny middle-aged Australian couples, a nice German couple around the same age, an older French couple who hardly spoke any English, an Italian couple from South Tyrol on their honeymoon, an English and an Australian girl and me. There weren’t enough tents so I shared one of the permanent tents with the latter, who works for the YHA and promised to get me a discount on my trip to Uluru. 🙂 While preparing dinner, the tour guide wasn’t surprised to hear my stories about the other tour company and said that the bus is always an issue with them… We had sausages and steak with salads and delicious roast potatoes, which went very well with my previously purchased red wine.