Kakadu National Park I

The next morning we only drove down the road to the Yellow Water Billabong for a 2 hour boat tour.

We saw lots of different birds, ducks, geese, snake neck birds, saltwater and freshwater crocodiles and ashore cows and wild horses.

We were really lucky to see so many different animals, especially lots of crocodiles. The next stop was the very interesting and well presented Warradjan Aboriginal Cultural Centre before we went back to the camp for ?. In the afternoon we had to drop off the Frenchman at the medical centre. Yes, indeed, it was Sunday again! Can we see a pattern here? Is it me!? 😉 He was quite ill and badly sneezing and sniffling. I was worried he would give his cold to everyone on the bus. A few other people were still coughing after they’d come down with the flu. While the doctor was trying to communicate with him, we killed time at the park’s visitor centre and I bought a hat made of kangaroo leather…

According to the doctor the French guy had an allergic reaction and therefore got antihistamines. Well, I doubt it. We’ll see how we feel tomorrow… With everyone back on board, we went to admire the Nourlangie/ Anbangbang rock art.

We walked and our guide told us about indicators of a good place to find rock art: black stripes on the ceiling of a cave tell us that people often made a fire there. Round mug sized holes in the stone on the ground are from grinding stones, and very smooth rocks are like that because of all the nacked bottoms that sat there. 😉

For the Aborigines twins and lefthanded people were spawns of the devil and therefore one child or the left hand had to go. We had a little foto session at a lookout

and drove on to Ubirr for more walking, rock art and a beautiful sunset.

That night we stayed at Kakadu Lodge and this time I had my own little tent. We had chicken stir fry, I had to finish my red wine and the honeymooners and the three other German speakers stayed up late… 😉  


  1. Also, liebe Katrin, wenn du dich ansteckst, ruf mich bitte nicht an – ich kann dich diesmal leider nicht vertreten, zumal ich meine linke Hand gerne behalten möchte! 😉

    1. Liebe Eva, ich habe zwar seither immer mal wieder leicht gekränkelt, aber eine heftige Erkältung kam zum Glück nicht raus. Also Leute auf Weltreise vertreten könnte ich glatt hauptberuflich machen…! 😉

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